Sharing, Caring and Bearing One Another's Burdens

I was asked to write what Women United Ministries means to me. I came to WUM from a hospital. I did not know where I was going or what I was going to do and they would not release me unless I had somewhere to go to. Then someone told me about WUM so I called Patty and only talked to her about 5 minutes and the next thing I know she shows up to pick me up! I cannot describe the overwhelming feeling I had when she accepted me into her home. As we went to the house we talked and I told her some of my story and she was still willing to take me in. I walked in felt that I finally found a home that I can be safe and find myself. But at the same time the presence of God was in the house and that made me feel even better! As time went by, God became more a part of my life through the guidance of Patty. Through the classes that she taught I learned so much about why things happen to me the way they did. At last I realized that God only gave me things He knew I could handle. Living here saved my life and kept me from going back out and self-medicating myself so I would not have to feel anything. I no longer have the urge to get drunk anymore and that has to do with the classes and understanding of why I did what I did. With God in my life I did not have to do that anymore! I gave it all up to God and I did that with Patty and Women United Ministries to guide me through it. So I owe everything to Women United Ministries! They saved my life and rebuilt my way of thinking. I started going to college while I was in there and with Patty's encouragement I now have my Associate Degree in Human Resources and I would not have done it without the help of WUM and Patty!

My name is Candice and I would like to tell you how Women’s United Ministry changed my life.  Three years ago I was in an abusive relationship and lost everything.  I was living in a homeless shelter because I had no other place to go.  My family lives in North Carolina so going home was never an option.  While in the shelter my case worker made a phone call that changed my life.  She called Pastor Patty and arranged for me to stay in the transitional house.  When I got there the gospel was shared with me and I began attending church. I was given a mentor in Christ and taught skills to manage the problems I faced daily.   God granted me the opportunity to know him and to finish my college degree while living in the house.  I graduated this past summer with a degree in the Applied Science of Surgical Technology.  God blessed my life and gave me a new career and a new life in North Platte.  I have been reunited with my children and I am teaching them to know the Lord.  God is so good!

Women United Ministries has been a blessing to me and my walk with God. I want to be in women's ministry and I want the Lord to "order my foot steps!" Women United Ministries is helping me to do just that!
I am so thankful to have met awesome Pastor Patty as she teaches the women and prays for them. I feel the peace of God in this house!

Thank God for this ministry and for Pastor Patty and Pastor Ron. They are the sweetest and most gifted woman and Man of God I have ever met! I thank God for both of them!

During my Christian walk I became grief-stricken. Women United Ministries was available at a time of great need. It was "Jesus to me!" Much like the prodigal son, the ministry were arms of our Heavenly Father awaiting for me to return unto His tender mercy. I testify that I was restored with fellowship, employment, education and above all His forgiveness and love! I thank Him daily for the ministry that helps women from all walks of life and the rest and peace that now resides within my soul. Women United Ministries is a blessing and I want to thank people like the founder of this mission who chose to follow Jesus.

My name is Yolanda. I've been going to Women  United Ministries for 8 years. I really enjoy the classes and the ladies that I have been able to meet. Pastor Patty gives very good classes. She has always made herself available to me for prayer, counseling or to even just talk. She is a good friend to me!

Women United Ministries